The next step is to find a reputable English Language School that offers a course in TESOL qualification. In Singapore, there are several schools that offer TESOL courses; you will have to decide which is the best for you. Some factors you may want to consider include:

  • 1. What are the entrance requirements for the course? Some schools require a TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS score, or some other alternative requirements. Are you willing to upgrade your own English to get into the school?
  • 2. Is the school accredited? Will the certification be internationally recognized?
  • 3. Does the school offer a comfortable learning environment?
  • 4. Is the course going to meet your learning needs? Some courses will only get you a Certificate in TESOL, while others offer a Diploma in TESOL, which is a higher qualification.
  • 5. Are the staff friendly and helpful, knowledgeable about their course, and willing to help you make the decisions that are right for you?
  • 6. What is the design of the course? What skills and abilities will you acquire by taking the course? Do they meet with those skills and abilities you will need to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages? For example, does the school provide hands-on teaching experience and feedback?
  • 7. What sort of support can you expect from the instructor of the TESOL course?
  • 8. What is the system of delivery for the TESOL course? Some courses are offered online, some by correspondence, and others taught in a classroom. Which mode of learning are you most comfortable with? You will generally find learning in a classroom easier, as there is a teacher there you can ask questions to.
  • 9. Will the course be held in a time frame that accommodates your other commitments? Some courses are full time, which will be Monday to Friday, a few hours a day, which will enable you to finish the course in a shorter period of time than if you study part time.
  • 10. Is there ongoing support from the school? Once you finish the course and receive your qualifications, do you have the opportunity to maintain communication and support from the school as you begin your career to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages?

With time, effort and patience, you will find the school that’s perfect for your learning needs. Of course, the next step is commitment to attend the course, do the assessments and pass the course. Once you have your Certification in TESOL, you will be able to begin your job search, and land your first teaching job!

Michael Bunyak

English Teacher at Canadian Education College, Singapore