1. A Chance to Visit the Garden City

Singapore is one of the top destinations for travelers around the world. If you choose to take English courses, Singapore gives you the opportunity to both learn and speak English. Singapore boasts some of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, including the Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, the Botanic Gardens, the Esplanade, not to mention top-rate museums – places that will you will find memorable while you’re learning English.

2. English Learning Opportunities that Are Second to None

Another reason you might consider learning English in Singapore is that you will get some of the highest quality in English classes available in Southeast Asia. With many English language schools and many English learning situations to choose from, you can take an English conversation course, Business English course, or Diploma in TESOL course. Singapore offers every possible learning situation to suit your specific needs and schedule.

3. Cultural Exposure

If it’s your first time travelling overseas, Singapore is the perfect place to make your first destination. Why? Not only will you be able to learn English away from home, but you can also discover new cultural perspectives. You will learn about what makes Singapore unique among neighbouring nations. Its history, traditions, customs, cuisine, languages and social atmospheres make Singapore a modern yet traditional country in which to live, work and learn English.

4. The Perfect Place to Learn and Use English

Taking English courses in Singapore provides you with excellent classroom learning experience; but once you leave the English language school, you step into an amazing world where English is the common language of communication. Once of the drawbacks of learning English in your home country is that you don’t always have a chance to use the language in real life. In Singapore, the majority of the population speak English, so you will have lots of practice using English for real-life communication.

5. Career Opportunities

Studying English in Singapore may give you a chance not only to learn about Singapore and English, you will also be developing yourself as an individual. Most employers appreciate those who have travelled and lived overseas; your future employers will definitely be impressed with the fact that you lived overseas, and actively learned and used English overseas. You may even find it suitable to work in Singapore; your time living and studying in Singapore will be a huge advantage over those who try to find work in Singapore from their home country.

6. A New Interest

Taking an English course in Singapore will expose you to new and different activities and interests that you might enjoy. You might find interest in teaching English to students back home, or learn how to cook Malay, Chinese or Indian style food. You may decide to take in a Shakespeare play performed in Fort Canning Park, or visit a local nightclub for a night of dancing. By learning and speaking English in Singapore, you will discover something new that you will like to do.

7. Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Learning English in Singapore will put you in a classroom with other like-minded students who are eager to learn and speak English. This will give you a chance to meet someone new and develop friendships that will continue long after the course is finished. You will continue to keep in touch with these English speaking friends while in Singapore and even when you are back home.

8. A Better You

Learning and speaking English in Singapore will help develop your independence, and uncover skills you never knew you had. You will come to appreciate what makes Singapore such a great place in which to live, work and study, and will teach you how to adapt to different situations, and solve problems that you normally wouldn’t encounter in your own country.

9. Academic Pursuits

If you have plans to attend graduate school, admission boards find overseas study experience invaluable. University students who have studied overseas show courage when facing new challenges, and the ability to adapt to their environment. It also demonstrates your commitment to carry out tasks that provide challenge and long term benefit.

10. Gain Valuable Life Experience

Not everyone has the opportunity and financial freedom to travel overseas; once they begin their career, start a family and settle down, the chance to travel becomes a distant dream. Young people have the unique advantage to travel without commitments, to study and learn English before they pursue their academic or occupational career. The chance to learn and speak English in Singapore is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that will improve your English speaking, and make you a well-rounded individual that will benefit work, life and play.

Michael Bunyak

English Teacher at Canadian Education College, Singapore