Easy? Quite! It’s “as simple as” picking up the remote and watching something in English on TV or, again, picking up the mouse and “browsing the internet”. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Just don’t be lazy.

Effective? Absolutely! Watching something in English employs the skill of listening. Not only can students of English improve their listening skills by watching programs in English, but you can also “pick up” body language. You can see what kind of body language is employed with certain expressions words and you can also pick up “facial expressions” which are used to convey meaning, as well.

Another benefit that you will gain from watching things in English is learning new English vocabulary. This “goes hand in hand with” watching things in a foreign language. You don’t even have to try too hard. This will happen naturally. But, it’s a great idea to have a pen and paper “handy” while you are watching. Once in a while just “jot” a word or two down on your paper and then look them up later to discover their meaning. You can then bring these notes to your wonderful English classes, that you should be taking, at a wonderful language school…like the Canadian Education College, and ask your teacher what they mean and how to use them.

Alan Bruhn

Canadian Education College teacher, Singapore