How about music? What kind of music are you into? Try listening to some Western music. You could find a friend who likes the same kind of music as you and then try listening together. Afterwards, you could talk about the song and share your thoughts (preferably in English). This is a great way of making friends and making learning English fun.

Make a foreign friend or two who speak English. Or, meet one of your friends from your country and have an “English night out”. Suggest to your friend that on the night that you guys go out that you only speak in English. These can be great ways of having a little bit of fun while you learn.

The “bottom line” for this tip is that you should try to make English part of your life. Try not to view it as a “cumbersome” task. Have fun with it and “endeavor” to live it!

Alan Bruhn

English Teacher at Canadian Education College, Singapore